Alkaline batteries can be kept for a long time without self discharge and it does not suffer from the memory effect like rechargeable batteries do. Alkaline batteries can be recharged if you use the suitable equipment for the job making them now on par with rechargeable batteries.

For example, when alkaline battery and rechargeable batteries are both being placed in a small torch, they both are equally as bright and last about the same duration but however, on the other hand, when they were place into high power devices such as wireless headphones, the alkaline battery lasted for only 8 hours as compared to the ni-md rechargeable batteries that lasted for 15-20 hours.

Big companies producing batteries for consumers have for years been advertising how good their brand is compared to other brands in terms of battery life and durability. Some also claim that these normal alkaline batteries are so much more cost efficient than their counterparts, the rechargeable batteries. That, may be so, since alkaline batteries are cheaper to produce. So since they are cheaper, which brand is the best to use? The eight triple A batteries costing two dollars or a similar one costing five dollars?

We aim to find all these out by carrying out this experiment between four different well known brands. Sony, Duracell, Energizer, and Panasonic on how long they last over time, after being fully discharged then recharged. 

The title of our research is Investigation of the Lifespan of Various Brands of AAA Battery after Multiple Charging using an Alkaline Battery Charger. The aim of our research was to find out which brand of Alkaline battery- Sony, Panasonic, Energizer or Duracell was the most effective battery in terms of how long it took to drain it. We conducted an experiment over the span of the ISS Lessons, the results showing that Panasonic brand of Battery was the most effective, proving our hypothesis of Sony being the most effective wrong.

Our results show that Panasonic is the most effective. Hence, Panasonic brand of battery would be the suggested brand to be used. Through this research, the reader would get an idea of which brand of battery is a better choice. 

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