Thursday, 3 July 2014

Project Work

Topic: Chemistry & Physics
Research Title: An investigation on measuring the amount of time taken to drain different types of fully charged rechargeable batteries
Materials Needed:
  • Wires
  • AAA Duracell Batteries
  • AAA Panasonic Batteries
  • AAA Energizer Batteries
  • AAA Sony Batteries
  • Motors
  • Vernier labquest
  • Voltage sensor
  • Alkaline battery chargers

1. Which type of fully charged rechargeable battery takes the longest time to be drained?

Independent variable
AAA Sony, Duracell, Energizer, and Panasonic Batteries

Dependent variable
Amount of time the battery lasts after being fully charged by the charger.

Constant variable
Voltage of battery, Motor and Battery Charger

Sony brand of battery is the most effective, in terms of the amount of time it lasts after being fully charged..

2. Does contaminated soil affect the growth of plants?

Independent variable
Amount of contaminant in each sample of soil

Dependent variable
Growth of the plant

Constant variable
Type of Plant and soil

Contaminated soil slows the growth of plants.

3. Do the different chemicals in rechargeable batteries and normal batteries affect the organisms living in soil?

Independent variable
Types of chemicals present in each setup

Dependent variable
The number and types of organisms

Constant variable
Type of soil used, The amount of air present, The amount of sunlight present, The amount of water present

Different chemicals from both types of batteries affect the organisms living in soil differently.

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